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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I've been out of pocket, it's true.  I'm guilty.  We took a little vacation to relax on the beach on the Mayan Riviera (Mexico) and stayed at a fantastic resort called the Azul Sensatori.  I didn't know what "sensatori" meant but after a little detective work, I learned that "satori" is a Buddhist term meaning "the wow moment" - the instant where you look around and breath a sign of contentment, knowing you wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world.  

I'm not going to do a resort review here, but here are some pictures that definitely gave me the "satori"!

See those blinds?  Open them and we had an ocean view....

The rooms were a really good size...we never felt cramped.

This was my favorite restaurant...the picture doesn't show the really cool, 'Las Vegas goes Zen' ambience.  The walls were made of fringe not unlike a fabulous swinging 60's dress and was incredibly sexy.  The chandeliers were absolutely beautiful crystal surrounded by a fine fabric shade - not to mention the sphere-like chrome ones in the staging area where they met the guests before showing them into the dining area but I can't find a photo of those.  The chairs were black on ivory damask, with "stripes" of white through the material.  Nail heads adorned the border where the fabric met the almost gaudy but not overdone black scroll of the frame.  The food was as good as the decor in this instance....

We also spent quite a bit of time in the mojito bar...

Have you ever had a Frangelico mojito?  
Oh's REALLY good after dinner.  The original mojito was really good too.  

Photos from the Azul Sensatori website (I was too lazy to carry my camera everywhere on vacation!).

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