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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

WOO HOO! The winner of our blog's first giveaway!

So my husband just woke up and was in the kitchen getting himself something to eat when I cautiously approached him (he's not a morning person and I had been up for a couple of hours and was bouncing with energy).  I asked him to help me draw a name out of a bowl and he was still sleepy enough to comply without question.  Earlier this morning, I had made a list of my blog's followers, cut the names out, folded each twice and tossed them into a salad bowl.  This wasn't really difficult or time consuming considering this blog is still in it's infancy.  

As a result of the random drawing, I'm happy to announce JAN MAUPIN as the winner of our first giveaway!  Thank you to for sponsoring this giveaway and of course, thank you to all of this blog's followers.  Please share us with your friends and family members - as we grow, our giveaways will occur more often and prize values will increase.  Who knows?  The next winner could be YOU!

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