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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Plate Collection

This is a very simple, stylish and inexpensive way to jazz up a space when staging a home to sell or even for everyday decor.  The key is to keep it simple:

As you can see in this, even when you think you can't fit anything more in the room...simple plates will add some style and contrast to the flat wall.  Needless to say, this picture from Veranda is NOT an example of home staging but rather of home living!

If you don't have colorful plates just lying around the house (that would be most of us!), go to a flea market or a garage sale.  Goodwill stores,  thrift shops and retail chains such as TJ Maxx or Ross will also have some at bargain basement pricing!  Remember, you are not buying a set of matching plates so this is a display that you can continually change out as you find pieces that match your style as the years go by and / or your room's color palette changes.  

Oh, and did I mention you won't need to send around a collection plate to pay for this plate collection?!

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