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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Giveaway Coming Soon!

I'm sure we have all experienced when something just doesn't fit right and we TRY TRY TRY to force the issue just "knowing" that you'll make it work.  No, I am not talking about "skinny jeans" but rather that last piece of furniture that you just HAVE to put in a room.  Don't ask me why, but everybody does it.  Sometimes it turns out brilliantly, and sometimes it is a bust.  Right now I have a client who really wants to add a TV to their guest room but doesn't want to buy a new TV to mount on the wall so we are looking for a solution to save room AND use their exisiting TV from the living room (they've upgraded that one to a gorgeous 52" flat screen hi-definition unit).  I think I have found the solution with one of these corner TV stands from Racks and which is a CSN store. 

How does this tie into the "Giveaway Coming Soon" title of this blog you ask?  Simply.  Because if you are not familiar with CSN Stores, let me tell you that there is a little bit of EVERYTHING that you can find in their more than 200 different web based stores.  So I'm going to find something in one of their stores that will be a little fabulous, possibly even a little practical and will give it away before the end of this month to one of the blog's lucky followers.  So here are some ideas and by the way...suggestions ARE welcome!

Paintable Courdoroy Wallpaper

KidKraft canvas art painting

Small bowl by Miriam Mirri

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