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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Good Peeps

So I never post anything on line that I expect to get a "thank you" for;  I post from the heart in order to share my passion for what I do.  So when I woke up today and checked my iPhone for messages (yes, I was still in bed - romantic, huh?), I was pleasantly surprised to find a note from the owner of Mecox Gardens MAC HOAK.  It just goes to show that true beauty & grace starts at the top and funnels down into the rest of the business.  Check it out:

Dear Ms. Lynne – I just want to thank you for your recent blog posting about Mecox.  You were so kind and generous and supportive.  You don’t know how much everyone at Mecox appreciates it when someone writes such a complementary piece.  Mecox is always a work in progress and we always need to improve in many ways, but it is so nice to hear when someone appreciates what you are doing.  I hope you will stop by Mecox Dallas sometime soon again.  Please let us know if we can ever reciprocate your kindness.  Regards, Mac Hoak

So if you didn't already take my advice and run to the closest location or log in to shop on line, get on it.  They're good peeps.  (Oh, come on...I HAD to throw something "Easter-y" into the post today!!)

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