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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Why Wait? Stage to LIVE.

So this month I have worked with a client who lived in their house for 5+ years and have taken about 5 weeks to make all of the interior and exterior improvements necessary to put their house on the market.  Another client is one who lived in the space for over a decade, moved into a new home and then did the renovations.  My own dad has done and is doing the same thing:  fixing the house up to move out.  The question I want to yell at the top of my lungs to anybody who will listen (hence, this post...note the capitalization to signify a raised voice?) is: 


One of the beautiful features of having your own home is that there is no deadline.  I would always suggest painting and doing any replacement of the flooring materials before moving in, just due to the nature of the work, but installing curtains, purchasing furnishings to fit the space, organizing the closets, updating the light fixtures - all of these can be done on your own schedule and budget.  Landscaping - or just planting potted flowers - is a simple, inexpensive and happy update that anybody can make in the springtime.  You can even buy potted flowers at the grocery store!  

Is it just me?  Who wouldn't want to live in a tidy, well decorated space?  Stage your home to LIVE and then when you're ready to sell, you'll already be ahead of the game and living in a space that is comfortable and relaxing instead of a construction zone.

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