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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Home Staging Tips by Michelle Lynne


One of my all time favorite holiday songs is Dean Martin's "Baby It's Cold Outside" and this afternoon when I went by one of our (vacant) staged homes, I started singing it even though it isn't quite COLD here in Dallas yet.

Why was I singing it? you ask.  Well, since you asked I'll tell you.  I walked into the house to look around and ensure everything was in place and as soon as I entered, I was COLD.  Colder than I was when I was outside.  I walked over to the thermostat and it was on 52 degrees.  BRRRRR!

Being the practical and frugal person I am, I understand keeping the thermostat down and not spending extra money on heating a house that I don't live in.  BUT if you have a home on the market remember that you're not just selling the house, you're selling the feeling or emotion that the house evokes in the potential buyer.   

What do you want the buyers to remember about the place?  That they would have to invest in a Snuggie in order to sit in the living room or that it was  such a warm & welcoming home that they would love to live there....

You don't have to heat the place to a cozy 75 degrees, but I do suggest at least 65 degrees or more!

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