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Monday, November 22, 2010

Autumn Decorating Made Easy

Look What the Cat Dog Dragged In

Admittedly, my little dog needs to go to the "spa" and get a good groom this week, he IS a little furry:

Snoozing peacefully.

Look at what came in with him this morning when he went outside and ran around our back yard:
Leaves - a LOT of them!  And a stick (?!).

A closer look. could such a little critter (he's only 5 pounds) drag in such a MESS?  I picked these all up off the floor and out of his fur when he came in.  And since I was running late, I looked for the closest thing to put them in so I didn't come home to a mess.

A glass vase I had yet to put away was conveniently on the kitchen counter.
Sometimes procrastination comes in handy.  This glass vase I my husband (let's give credit where credit is due) had just taken out of the dishwasher last night was still sitting on the counter and looked like a convenient receptacle for the excess foliage.  I thought it looked kind of pretty so the biger leaves I had brought in from our front yard to put it on a plate with my gourds & candles came in handy to top off this super easy autumn "decor".

So is it high design?  Absolutely not...but it was an easy way to bring some autumn color into the corner of our kitchen while cleaning up the mess the dog dragged in AND also saving me from having to put away the vase....  Efficiently lazy?  Yep.  But I was running late.

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