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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Easy Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

When I was a little girl...a looooong time ago...we would make fun decorations for our centerpieces during the holidays.  Now that I look back, I think Mom was just trying to save some money and take advantage of the attention it took for my favorite brother and I to craft these works of art.  I'm not sure if Mom saved any of them but if so, they are probably not nearly as cute as these ideas:

Martha Stewart
This is cuter than mine was, I'm sure, but we tried something similar with the pinecone and pipe cleaner.  I think I used leaves from the trees in our front yard, but these feathers are super cute.  Hobby Lobby usually has a great selection of feathers and they would adhere easily with Elmer's or hot glue.  I might give this a try next week if my schedule has the time in between client appointments, cooking, and getting the house ready for company! this I am absolutely going to do.  I have some fabulous candlesticks in my staging inventory right now that could really show off some pretty gourds:

Better Homes & Gardens

And if I get really crazy, I'll spray paint them metallic:

Better Homes & Gardens
I'll try to remember to take photos and post them here.  I get a little A-D-D during this time of year and forget to mix business with pleasure!  Would somebody remind me???  

Seriously though, what do YOU like to do for your Thanksgiving centerpiece???

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