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Monday, November 29, 2010

Gobble Till Ya Wobble!

Whew!  What a holiday whirlwind we had!  Turkey.  Family.  Pie.  More Turkey.  More family.  Yes, please to more pie too....

We didn't host Thanksgiving this year (thank you to my sister in law who did!) but we did have Sunday brunch at our place.  If you saw THIS post last week with ideas for centerpieces, I had a couple that I wanted to do, but in between baking 4 pies, a pumpkin cheesecake, holiday dressing and then brunch for more than a dozen people, time was hard to find.  So we pushed together two tables, grabbed a few candlesticks from from my staging inventory (a definite bonus to my job!) and took the decorative gourds I bought around Halloween and tried to make them look pretty:

Not bad, eh?  The rest of the foofie stuff is random potpourri (so old it doesn't smell anymore), jeweled fruit, a gold ribbon and a couple of decorative gold spheres (also from my staging inventory).

As for the rest of the table, it was looooow maintenance.  I tied the napkins with pieces of a ribbon I think was tied around a Pottery Barn gift I received last year (because I couldn't find my raffia) and stuck them all in a silverware caddy with the silverware for everybody to grab on their own after filling their plates.  

What did you do for your holiday table???

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