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Monday, November 8, 2010

3707 Gilbert Ave #11...Staged by Michelle Lynne


Why?  Because it's gorgeous.  Because it's priced highly competitively.  Because it's in a fabulous neighborhood.  Okay, so yes, this is a total plug for a home we staged recently.  Why don't I gush over every house we stage? Well, I kind of do...but in this instance, the Realtor, James Sharp, who also just wrote a book on the real estate industry here in Dallas had this video created to showcase the property and I think it's super cool (yes, I am easily entertained).  It's way better than the usual "virtual tour" you will sometimes see on a listing...and let me tell you, even though this video shows the property really well, it is even better in person.  I think it's because the people who live there now are so nice.

Check it out:

HERE is the listing in case you want more information.

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