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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Think Pink!

It's February...and soon cupid will be aiming his arrow at millions of checkbooks, er, I mean hearts, as Valentine's Day is right around the corner.  You can keep the romance in the air (or at least on the walls) all year round, as demonstrated in my previous blog posting.  

But decorating with pink can go wrong faster than it takes your Valentine chocolates to disappear!  So if you're not sure you want to commit to a whole room in pink, try painting or wallpapering a single wall as an accent (and no, today's wallpaper does NOT look like your grandma's house).  You can also introduce other colors, patterns & texture to the pink so it's not so well - pink. Here are a few examples, all from

This is a textile wall will look and feel like fabric.  The muted pink tones in this sample would be beautiful and serene in a bedroom - imagine a chocolate & ivory damask covered chair or duvet against this!  Varying shades of gray (think dark to light) would be rich too.

I love orange and's just a "happy" combination.  I personally don't think I would want to wake up to this combo surrounding me, but it would make for a nice accent wall in a dining room, or to use all over in an entry hall.  Your guests would immediately be in a festive mood walking in!

This is more pink than you think but the brown grounds it.  How much fun would this be in a little girl's room as an accent wall?  Or to fully cover her adjoining bathroom?  Hmmm....might even be fun to put on the ceiling in the bedroom and paint the walls a lighter shade of pink!  Anybody feeling adventurous?!

This looks more like upholstery that I'd put on a pillow than wall cover in my humble opinion.

Feeling bold?!  How about this in a home office?  I guess that would depend on what you do for a living, wouldn't it?  I'm not sure I could tap any creativity with this surrounding me but it sure does add a mysteriously empowering mood to a room.

Ultimately, YOU must consider what ambiance you want to create when choosing shades of any color and especially when choosing pink because you really don't want to evoke this feeling of pink:  

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