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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sweet Dreams

We were talking about bedding the other day, right? So I thought I would include two examples of the first round with two different clients. I hesitated showing the "after" shots because we aren't quite done with either project, but then thought it would be a good opportunity to share with you that everything you see on HGTV isn't quite "reality" television! Most projects roll out in phases and rooms are rarely transformed overnight...although these beds make you want to crawl into them for a good overnight!

Here is where we started with one project. The bedding was originally really pretty with beige embroidery on white linens. It's "safe" - but doesn't really jump out at you.

Here is what we changed it to yesterday. We didn't iron it because the rest of the room is also receiving a makeover (including a paint color that will really set off these colors) and the client wanted to wait until that was done to keep the new bedding on. We'll give it a quick steam or iron when we take the final "after" shots.

It's hard to tell in these initial pictures, but the pin-tuck bedding is actually a seafoam-y color. It's from West Elm and is really beautiful in texture and richness. The complement linens are ivory, the square pillows a rusty stone color and the front pillow is a richer shade of the seafoam with some chocolate colored embroidery to tie in with the bed frame. You can see the varying textures in the fabrics that add that luxurious, hotel feel....

And here is another client and their "before" photo. Whoops...left the date stamp on there, gonna have to edit that out for potential future use. When I first looked at his bed (it's a bachelor's master suite), I thought "this bed WANTS to be cool". Yes, I admit, I do tend to assign emotion to furniture, accessories, and other non-living household me the Re-Design Whisperer.

Here is what we have come up with. Of course, this is truly work in progress. If you look closely, you'll notice the middle pillow on the bottom doesn't even match the other two! So we had a miscommunication...I thought he said he slept with four king size pillows and so I brought the linens for that mathematical equation. Obviously, I will be heading back to the store for an exchange soon. Again in this example, the photo color needs to be adjusted for final pics, as the coverlet at the bottom of the bed is a charcoal gray which ties in nicely with the gunmetal gray pillowcases on the KING pillows.

And don't those mirrors above the bed look familiar from an earlier post?

THANK YOU to my wonderful clients who allow me into their homes and then for allowing me to use the photos of my work in their homes both in this little blog and on my website!

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