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Thursday, February 4, 2010

PINK in the Bedroom? - ooh la la!

In honor of February being the official month of LOVE, I thought I would continue the bedroom posts - oooh la la! - and tie it in with all of the PINK Valentine's that will be shared this month. So here are a few beautiful pink bedrooms to inspire the palest as well as the brightest style possible:

This pale, pink paint color (above) is called "White Dogwood" and is by Sherwin Williams. I like this bedroom because it is timeless. You can't tell if a girl or a woman lives in this room. It would work well as a guest room too. You don't have to decorate your guest room to accommodate your guest's tastes...after all the room is in YOUR house.

This room feels a little Morrocan to me, don't you think? Yet the vibrant reds and pinks and oranges in the pillows & bedding don't "shout" as they would if the walls were a orange or red...the pink really calms the space down. It is Benjamin Moore's "Cat's Meow" and I think it is what allows the occupant to walk in and crawl into bed without feeling like they need to wear sunglasses into the room!

Finally, this is my favorite pink's mature and sophisticated and just looks like a great retreat. I think this pink would make anybody's skin glow in it's light! I seriously doubt I could convince my husband to paint our room pink, but if I did, it would be this "Pale Pink Satin" from Benjamin Moore.

By the way, painting and / or decorating with pink isn't always easy (think cotton candy or Pepto Bismol color on your walls - NOT pretty). Next post we'll address HOW to create the look you want in or with pink. See you soon!

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