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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Container Store LOVE

I went to Container Store today and I must say that as soon as I walked in, it was like a tide of calmness enveloped me.  I wasn't worried about the grocery list, the unfolded laundry, the fact that my car needed the oil changed about 200 miles ago or anything  

I am going to start working on a pantry project this week so I went to get some preliminary supplies.  Here is what we are starting with...does it look familiar?  Most people have a closet / pantry / cabinet / garage that has just gotten a little busy:

This particular pantry has food items as well as liquor and some miscellaneous dinnerware, serving pieces, vases and such.....

Once we get a handle on how the client wants to use the space, we'll take everything out, purge and categorize what is going to go back in.  As I mentioned, I picked up a few of my favorite things as preliminary supplies for the project at (insert the sound of angels singing) Container Store to start with.  Take a look at these babies and tell me they aren't cool:

Under cabinet shelf.

Double shelf

Stemware storage.  

Aaaah...can't you just FEEL the organization of the pantry coming together?  Does the thought of completion give you goosebumps too?  Or am I just a little weird that way?  Oh well, somebody has to do it and it might as well be me.  Call if you need help!  

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