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Friday, March 18, 2011


Earlier this week, I was visiting with a potential client who reads my blog and she said that she recognized a photo in an earlier post as one from a local competitor.  It was in THIS post where I had written about stagers who just re-arrange or rent you furniture and call it staging.  I had just been scooped on a bid by a local firm offering ridiculously low prices and was on my soapbox. 

I still feel the same way about the topic the blog was written about but my point today is that I want to shout an apology from the rooftops because I did not farm this photo from the local firm's website, as that would be WAY uncool.  (There is a little note at the bottom of the photos crediting the website where I found them.)  I don't know which firm this originally came from but I offer them a huge mea culpa, as well as to my staff, clients, fellow members of the Real Estate Staging Association where I hold the position of VP of our local chapter,  and of course, my reader base - because that is not the kind of person or business owner I am.  There are over 65,000 active listings in DFW on the MLS today - more than plenty to go around between the professional stagers here without getting ugly about it, don't you agree?  I have always operated on the philosophy "do what is right, the success will follow" and have trained my staff to do the same...I'm embarrassed that this could tarnish one of the most valuable tools I have in business and in life:  my honor.  

So, I am going back to the original post and removing it altogether.  I am grateful to the person who brought it to my attention and thankful that she still gave me the opportunity to visit with her in her home.

And's already becoming a hazy memory:

Thank you for understanding!

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