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Monday, March 28, 2011

Safe & Sound!

Happy Monday!

I'm sure you have received emails about the career criminals and the "tips" they have shared about what made them successful at breaking & entering homes - so this post may be redundant but I received it from my homeowner's association and thought it worthy of sharing.  Please take just a quick moment to review and if nothing else, I hope it just reminds you to set your alarm the next time you leave the house:

1- Keep your valuables in a safe or disguised containers in the KITCHEN.  This is the last place that thieves look .  The first place is the MASTER BEDROOM.

2- Dont tell hairdresser / grocer / mail carrier / yard people or banker of your pending vacation.  They may tell the wrong people.  Ditto for NOT posting you excitement or details on Facebook or Twitter!

3- Keep boxes of newly purchased electronics, or appliances in black bags ready for bulk trash pickup.  Don't let thieves know about your new possessions by putting the 50" television box on the curb in front of your house waiting for bulk trash pickup day.

4- Add security signs in your alley or back fence of your property.  Mention there is visual monitering. Most of the time thieves enter through the back of your property.  It takes ONLY 30 SECONDS to enter your property and the average time the thieves spend inside is less than 4 minutes. 

5-  Make sure your doorbell is working. Thieves, posing as solicitors, will ring bells.  If no answer, they may think no one is home - perfect for thievery time.

6- Make sure your barking dog has a good view of the outside.  Thieves avoid the home with the barking dog.

7- Make sure your mail / newspaper / and delivered packages are picked up daily.  If you are on vacation, stop your mail & newspaper delivery for the duration and let a trusted friend or neighbor know to watch for and pick up any delivered packages.

8- Keep the shrubs trimmed away from the windows.

9- Make sure your alarm system is armed ALL the appropriate times. Homes with an alarm system, did not have it activated 90% of the time. 

We will soon be in the summer vacation period so let's make it fun with only happy memories!
Michelle Lynne

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