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Sunday, February 13, 2011

All Stagers Are NOT Created Equally

If you are shopping for a home stager, you should be sure to view their work and not just shop based upon price.  Yes, price does play a part in any shopping expedition but when you are looking to transform your largest investment (your house), do you go to Wal Mart?  I don't.  But I don't go to Neiman Marcus either (no disrespect for either Wally World or Neiman's - both have a place in our shopping society).  

Today's curb appeal starts on line and if you look worse than (or even "just like") the competition, you will lose priority to the listings with photos that merchandises itself to create EMOTION.  After all, pricing will attract buyers but staging will attract offers.

So back to my department store analogy.  Personally, my favorite department store is Nordstrom.  Their service is amazing and their product is excellent while not being grossly overpriced.  And their merchandising of their product is extraordinary - I want to take home everything I see.  I want to BE that mannequin wearing the amazing boots and trendy sweater (I'd also like to be her size but that isn't going to happen, I enjoy eating way too much).

I DIGRESS...let's get back on point.   Here are photos of what I'm referring to as the Wal Mart level of staging:
Adult Art on display?

Pillows in the center of the floor do not count as a substitute for a sofa.

*** REMOVED ***
Is that wall supposed to signify the stations of the cross as I make a pilgrimage to the refrigerator?

Big room?  Or big red rug?  I get the need for some color in the space but I'm getting DIZZY.

(Above photos are from
Now I am not claiming that we know everything there is about staging or that we are perfect in any way.  But I do believe that a picture is worth a thousand words.  So check out the gallery or portfolio of the firm you're looking to enlist.  If you see any of the photos above featured on their website, just know you're shopping at Wal Mart and you'll get what you pay for.  

And for comparative purposes, THIS is our version of a traditional home's "Nordstrom" level staging:

If you want to shop Nordie's and not Wally World, please feel free to contact us for pricing.  
We are at your service.

Oh, and if you want to see more amazing transformations, check out our YouTube channel, Facebook page and of course, our website.  

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