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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Selling Sanity

Selling a home these days is not as simple as it was in the past.  Buyers are more savvy.  Technology has created a world of stimulation, instant access and information overload.  These are all good things to have from a daily consumer perspective but it also requires today's seller to play into that same world.  Good staging will provide the visual stimulation consumers are used to seeing (think movie sets, department stores, well organized web sites) while also creating a sense of CALM.  

Having a general color scheme throughout the property can change the feeling of chaos, brought on by the process of home buying (and everyday life!) and help relax the buyer as they walk through your house.  I'm not talking "matchy matchy" by decorating with only one or two colors, or with obviously matching accessories throughout the property -- but rather leading a buyer's eyes through the rooms with a complementary palette of colors.  This visual stream throughout the space will unconsciously provide them with the idea that if they lived here, they'd always come home to that same feeling of serenity....

And while  you  &  I both  know that you can't  actually buy  sanity (at least not without a prescription)  - good staging CAN sell it!

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