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Friday, March 26, 2010


So this week I met a new client who I just KNOW that I will love working with!  And no, she is not the "upgrade" I am referring to in my title - I'm blessed with many great clients - but I did upgrade some of my design software because of her project. 

She is the mother of a 15 month old son, and both she & her husband work crazy schedules so she needs help with the layout of her new home with her old and possibly some new furniture, art, accessories, etc.  "Move ins" are some of my favorite projects!  (My husband appreciates it too because I don't get the itch for a new home every few years just for "something fresh".)  So I upgraded from what now seems like a remedial software to one that has a User's Manual of over 200 pages!  Oh well, I guess I'll be spending my weekend reading...but check out the results that I will achieve:

Obviously, I would be inserting furnishings into these 2-D floorplans
and then toggling to the 3-D version so I can see the rooms like this:

How cool is that?! 

Any volunteers to read the User's Manual and then teach me what I need to know?  Anybody?  Hello????

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