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Sunday, March 14, 2010

This Isn't the Luck O' the Irish

With St. Patrick's Day being this month, I thought maybe I was just preconceived to seeing green wherever I looked?  Because I visited this kitchen last week in a home staging initial consultation and all I could see was the outdated GREEN backsplash.  Oh my. The client opted not to invest in a renovation as suggested, but instead will offer the buyer a credit so they can renovate to their own liking.  

Hmmm...would anybody be able to get past the dated look of this kitchen and make an offer?  

What to do?!

The goal of home staging is to NEUTRALIZE the property by enhancing the positive aspects and minimizing the negative, uh, green aspects.  My team & I started neutralizing this kitchen by replacing the dated light fixtures and cabinet handles and clearing the clutter.  

We then exhaled a huge sigh of relief - it was going to work!

We also added some green toned accents in the adjoining room to carry the color throughout the space and move your eyes AWAY from the screaming backsplash.

The only green in this house now is the color of money, baby!  It will sell faster AND for a higher price than if the seller had not taken the time to enlist by Michelle Lynne to professionally stage it.

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