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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Fling!

Oh my...I have been so negligent with my blog postings this week!  I did get a couple of emails asking what the heck I've been up to and I must apologize - but I was pleasantly surprised that anybody was paying that close attention! 

Admittedly, I have been on a Spring Cleaning craze into the wee hours of the night and waking up early to accomplish some of the tasks I have assigned myself.  I think I'm about burnt out, but thought I'd share some tips with you for your (ha ha) fun & entertainment:

  • Storing winter clothes: 
    • Start by cleaning the items, it's gross but there could be bug larvae in the fabric and they'll come visit while in storage...enjoying the feast on your clothes.  Clean is definitely better.
    • Plastic containers are best suited for storage, and if you don't mind the wrinkles, Space Bags rule (in my humble opinion).  I have used a combo of containers & bags...sweaters and comforters in the bags, clothing and shoes in the containers.  A little tip:  don't suck out ALL of the air in the Space Bag and you don't get the mega-wrinkle....  Some people don't agree with storing  your clothes in air tight containers, but I've never had a problem...after all, it's just for half a year.  If I was storing them for an extended period, I might do it differently. 
    • By the way, if you haven't worn the item of clothing for the past 2 seasons, you probably won't.  Give it to your local charity.  Excluding specialty items, of course (I still keep my ski sweater & pants even though I haven't been skiing in I don't know how long)...the key here is ensuring they still FIT!
  • Kitchen cleaning:
    • I'd be lying if I said I did all of it myself...I'm blessed to have somebody help me with my cleaning so the lovely Diana did the scrubbing, but I cleaned out the fridge, freezer and pantry.  Oh my...I found canned goods from the early 2000's that I can't believe I moved when my husband & I bought our house.  EW.
    • I did run the dishwasher's great to freshen it with vinegar (or baking soda) and clean out the food trap at the bottom.
    • Clean the silverware drawer & the organizer...check yours out and you'll know I'm right. 
  • Living room:
    • Our coffee table has an inserted glass top and it is a MUST to lift it at least once a year to clean out the build up between the glass and the table itself.  This isn't my living room, but it is my coffee table so you can see how it could get kind of gross if it wasn't maintained:
  • What do you have in your house that could use a little extra attention?  How about your ceiling fans?  Yep.  Turn them off and check them out...or avoid turning them on before cleaning so you don't have any chunks of dust flying through the air.  I used some Murphy's Oil Soap on the blades and then took the light fixtures down and washed them.  (I think I looked younger AND prettier in the room afterwards in that clean light!) 
  • Take the cushions off of the couch and vacuum inside...who knows what you might find in that abyss?  If you have some small stains, try an upholstery cleaner (test it on a hidden area).  I just used the long attachment on the vacuum and went to town.  My husband's "side" of the couch had some unidentified particles which I am not acknowledging...but did inspire me to make a cocktail and stop the craze for the evening!

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