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Monday, May 23, 2011

These Headboards Won't Leave You Bored

What do these two headboards have in common?  If you can't tell right away, that is a good thing because both are hand made.  If you look closely, you can tell the top photos is the first time we installed's hung a little high.  

We are always looking for ways to save our clients money without losing the aesthetics of the final product.  And when it comes to those homes that are not at a mid to high list price, it's a difficult balance!  So being the born value hunter that I am, I knew there had to be a better solution than to require a full headboard.  Why bother?  Well, since you's because if I have to pay a higher price to purchase a full headboard, I have to turn around and charge the client a higher price (in order to stay in business for the long run).  And while using art is sometimes a good solution, it isn't always a cost effective solution - because decent looking art ain't cheap.

So look closely - sorry I don't have better close ups, but in general I think they look like nice upholstered headboards, don't you?

Chocolate brown microsuede.

Khaki microsuede with chocolate colored button tufts.
Both of these headboards were made out of foam board wrapped in batting and covered in 2 yard of fabric.  The idea wasn't mine.  Wish I could claim the brilliance but instead, two of my fabulous staff members came up with and created these two gorgeous headboards.  That is why the top one is named the "Danielle" and the bottom one is named the "Maria".  They are both adhered to the wall with the velcro Command Strips so there is no damage to the walls and can be hung at any level.  How cool is that?

This second headboard REALLY came in handy because we had to hang it below the light fixture that was attached to the wall AND bow it gently around the fixture as it came up from the wall.  A regular headboard would have protruded and left a big ol' gap between it and the wall and let me tell you, folks, THAT would have made my Type A and OCD-ness kick in in a not-so-pretty frenzy.  Whew.  Crisis averted.

Have you ever created a headboard?  And if so, what did you use?  Show us your pictures if you've got any!

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