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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Real Estate in The PK

We have all heard the news about Osama's capture and demise, but did you catch the part that he was found in a $1,000,000 mansion?  Yeah, after Sunday night's dramatic raid, a senior administration official told reporters that the property, an "extraordinarily unique compound" in an "affluent suburb", was valued at around $1m.  Really?

Is Pakistan's real estate market in a bubble or what?  Maybe the $1m includes the guards servant staff:

If you were a real estate agent, how would you describe this "unique compound" and it's "affluent neighborhood"?  I don't think Shakespeare could even put a good spin on that write up:

How about some exterior paint, new windows and some flower boxes?

Nice peeling concrete wall, dude.  Where is the curb appeal?

Wow - the traffic in this neighborhood keeps getting worse.  Is this rush hour?

Looks to me like they need to review their appraisal processes in The PK.  Just sayin.

And has anybody found interior images?  I'd love to know what direction the interior designer took....

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