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Friday, December 17, 2010

A Testimony To Java

So I got up bright and early this morning to finish re-covering some chairs for a client.  I had started the project Wednesday afternoon and want to deliver them today (Friday) so I thought I'd get an early start.  In my enthusiasm, I started the project before consuming my first cup of coffee...let me walk you through how the first chair transpired:

This is what one of the chairs looked like Wednesday:

We added some batting to increase comfort, 
because they were what I would call "diet chairs" wouldn't linger at the dinner table seated on one.

We then gave them a good cleaning and sprucing.  
If you've never experience Scott's Liquid Gold, it's fabulous 
(and you can get it at the grocery store):

So to get to the point of this post, can you tell which chair I did first?  

 Look closely:
The one on the left has the pattern going sideways!!  Urgh.  

Longer story short, I undid the first work of the morning.
I was obviously staple crazed without my first cup of joe:

By then I had finally woken up and mapped out the next cushions.

After re-organizing, I had another cup of coffee.  Or two.
And the chairs look GREAT.

Happy Ending!

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