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Friday, June 11, 2010

Pillow Talk

My husband turned me on to this great TV show called Modern Family. And if you haven't seen it, I do suggest checking it out - it's hilarious.  But the first time I watched it, I was distracted by those gorgeous, floral throw pillows and want some - or at least something similar - for myself.  

Does anybody know where to find these pillows?  Or at least the fabric?!  I am obsessed....  I walked two warehouses of fabric this week and couldn't find anything similar enough to fulfill my desire.  Sad. And yes, I have googled every imaginable phrase related to finding them.  Most people are looking for the striped pillows seen in the intro so those pillows are what come up in the searches:

Cute.  But not what I'm looking for.  

Check the show out.  There are three main houses on set and all three are distinctly unique in their design styles.  All are VERY cool.  Very.

So if you have any suggestions, or better yet, the solution - I will be forever grateful.  (My husband will be too because I make him pause the TV to stare at the pillows every time a scene with them comes on.) Please.  Help. 

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