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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mirror, Mirror On The...Server?

I was haunting some consignment shops on behalf of a client project yesterday and as I got to the back of the store that was to be my last stop of the day, I see a magnificent, mirrored buffet / server / console piece of furniture heaven.  It was love at first sight.  I imagined using it in a high end property for staging and then I imagined it in my office as a console. Hmmm....  My husband & I were just talking about reviewing our budget since we've just completed a swimming pool renovation and landscaping our front & back yard so I probably shouldn't get it for my office.  But it was such an amazing price that I could not NOT buy it.  I mean it was priced conservatively at about 25% of the original price!  What a steal....  And it was high quality - none of this particle board stuff - real wood, thick glass mirrors, great construction and as long as I didn't break the mirror, would be a piece I could use for a long, long time.  A great investment for my business.

So I got it.  For my home staging inventory, of course.  But it's being stored in my office. 

This is the stock photo from the manufacturer Bassett Mirror Company:

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