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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So what to say after after not posting for so long?  I think the term "slacker" comes to mind....  Although I have been far from slacking.  As a matter of fact, I've been crazed with both fun, personal activities as well as work.  Here is a quick recap of the past couple of weeks:

This is my family that my husband flew in from all parts to surprise me for my 40th birthday.  

This is a "move in" design for a fabulous client that I'm enjoying working with.  I had most of the floor-plan outlined months ago but of course, waited until now to fit all of her furnishings into the spaces. This is just a segment of the project, we have 4 bedrooms, a den and a back house in addition to this.  LOVE my new software!  Move in is a couple of weeks out.

I attended this fun event with 5 of my colleagues from RESA.  Created a slideshow showcasing all of our work too...I was very impressed.  I know some VERY talented stagers!  
 Had a great time - met Elvis!
Oooh.... Needed some powder - I was a little *shiny*.

I might finally get to use these fabulous tree stump side tables from West Elm on a project with one of my all time favorite clients.  I have been slightly obsessed with them for over a year.  She & her hubby honeymooned in South Africa and are hoping to bring some of that feeling back home with them.  I'm excited to work on that theme!

I've also been working on a project in Fort Worth.  Here is the "before" that we took at the first of the year.  Blank canvas.

This isn't the exact angle, and definitely not the final shot but here is where we currently are.  Still needs some work with the accessories on the shelving and install some curtains, but it's coming along nicely!

So that is just a little sample of what I've been doing when not blogging....  Not a lot of staging installations but quite a few "roadmaps" drawn for clients who want to do it themselves this past month.  The ebb & flow is unpredictable!

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