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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Keeping the Christmas Lights Up Is NOT Exterior Home Staging

It's January now, and the holidays are over so if you're considering putting your house on the market, you need to consider what exterior decor is appropriate. Hopefully, you have taken down the Christmas lights.

If not, please do so.

Instead of paying enormous electric bills to power the electric light show, go buy some winterized planters. Fiberglass, wood or concrete will weather even the coldest of weather and can be dressed up nicely with twigs, winter greenery and "baubles".

And if you're wanting some color, I'm no botanist but my pansies managed to survive this last blast of arctic air we had here in Dallas and so I do recommend them.

They are hardy little flowers and if I can keep them alive, so can you! Really. And soon, springtime will be around and you won't be as limited in your garden flower options.

In the meantime, consider some outdoor flood lights. Ahem, CLEAR and not colored and definitely not the leftover Christmas lights, okay? Point them on statues, urns, or uplight a large tree for a hint of night time drama.

Remember that these tips include your back yard as well as your front! And if you have an outdoor fireplace in the back, consider lighting it for nighttime showings.


Of course, that is only if the manufacturer says it's safe for wintertime use...I know, why wouldn't it be? But just double check to be on the safe side.

If you really need some help with the plant life in your front & back yards before listing your house, my friend Elizabeth at Splendid Gardens is the pro. I'm just advising you take down those Christmas lights NOW!

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