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Sunday, November 22, 2009


Thanksgiving is at our house this year. We will have 10.5 people over for dinner (the .5 is for my 2 month old nephew, Connor, who won't actually partake in the traditional fare but who will show up and look exceptionally adorable) so I am in the midst of figuring out how to set our table in a dining room that comfortably seats 8. But let's talk about what is really important: THE DECORATIONS.

The centerpiece is 2 strands of gold twig garland from a fabric store and is interspersed with gold & ivory votive candles and a bag of potpourri (I laid it out early to ensure the fragrance tones down before company arrives for dinner - nobody wants a bite of perfume with their turkey!). Our table isn't super wide so we needed a thin & low centerpiece so it didn't interfere with the settings OR catch fire with the candles I love to include!

Remember the chandelier I was obsessed with? I just couldn't bring myself to spend $2500 on it, so I found another that I am hope-hope-hoping will be in before Thursday.

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