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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Home Staging Start to Finish (Part I)

So, what goes into a staging project you wonder?  Well, maybe you haven't lain awake in bed wondering but if you're reading this post, you must have SOME interest in what staging is about.  (Or, you are my mom whose job description includes reading random musings of her children.  ha ha!)

Here is a brief blog-peek into a recent staging:

Original walk through is done while construction is still going on so we can get an idea of style, even if it's just the architecture.  We visited this property when it was still "bones" so we knew that it was going to be soft contemporary (I didn't take pictures at that time) and I usually have to figure out a design plan based on a semi-finished product.  The house was originally scheduled to be done on the date the photos were taken with installation a couple of days later.  We usually leave some "buffer time" before installation because most projects are NOT completed exactly on schedule....

This is the dining room...with the bedroom door leaning against the wall.
Another unidentified leaning door in the entry.
Kitchen.  Still no backsplash, sink or faucets?
Living room.  No carpet yet.
Oh oh - we're supposed to install in 2 days.... 
Another view of the living room.
Right now I'm thinking we'll have to re-work the calendar. 
Office.  No carpet here either...still painting?
Work still going on here too.
Yep.  I need to reschedule my crew....

Stay tuned...the next posting will include the installation and then the final reveal!  And the final "reveal" of this gorgeous property will also include the listing information in case you or someone you know might be interested!!!

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