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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Out of my gourd!'s autumn!  Officially.  Although the weather in Texas hasn't caught up to the calendar yet.  Hopefully soon.  

Regardless, it's a time of year that warm & welcoming colors are trending in nature as well as in your wardrobe & home AND it's time to switch out the pool toys for pumpkins.  To me, that means it's high time to create new, seasonal centerpieces!

How fun are these?  You can set them in any shape tray with any type of bean or legume to fill in.

And if you want to mix & match heights, you could create some votive sizes.  I think these would be cool to line the front walkway with if hosting a dinner party (just make sure nothing is close enough to catch fire!).

This is what I would do with the gourds intended for votives but over-carved...I know my limitations!

Better Homes & Gardens
Finally...just a simple display of the mini pumpkins you can find at any grocery store or Farmer's Market this time of year.  Add a dash of greenery or floral to dress it up.

Better Homes & Gardens
Yeah yeah, I know lemons are fruit and not gourd, but I thought this was too cute NOT to include.  Just substitute the little gourdys.

Am I out of my gourd?  Depends on who you ask...but you don't have to be to try any of these simple and decorative ideas!

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