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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Moving? You need these two rooms to survive

1.  Junk Room
2.  Safe Room

First the Junk Room.  
This is where I tell all of my clients to put stuff they don't know what to do with as they are unpacking.  Maybe something like your great grandma's tea cart or Uncle Henry's framed self portrait.  I'm sure both were bequeathed to you with genuine love in the hearts of aforementioned family members, but there maaaay not be a place to put them in the main house.  

The Junk Room is a place where you can shut the door and not let the mayhem stress you out.  I do NOT advocate just dumping the items, turning and running...rather organize them such as all wall art together, knick knacks consolidated into a new box, old running shoes can probably go in the trash if you have two other pairs that have replaced them already (but you should consider culling these items when you are packing to begin with).  In a perfect world, you would start three piles:  DONATE, TRASH and KEEP (ALTHOUGH I'M STILL NOT SURE WHERE).

Having this junk room is a temporary fix.  Temporary, ya hear?  Don't get used to closing the door and hoping it will go away.  It's just short term but it will help keep you sane as you're unpacking, so your living room doesn't look like this while you're figuring out where everything goes:

Because you don't want to be buried in boxes:

NEXT:  The Safe Room
This is your haven, your retreat, refuge, sanctuary, and your hideaway from the mayhem of moving so you can catch your breath and enjoy your new digs.  I suggest it be your master bedroom or if you are lucky enough to have two living spaces, your main living area.  Do not keep any boxes in this space.  Unpack a box fully, put the items in the room (or not) but get the boxes and any extra clutter out of here.  Hang the art.  Fluff the pillows.  Confirm the lighting.  And enjoy living here....  Deep exhale.  The Safe Room.  Everybody needs one.  Especially when moving.

Oh, and for a little fun while you're moving, here are some GAMES you can play to pass the time.

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