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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pantry Style

Whew!  It's been busy AND hot around here...and I'm not one of those pretty people who don't sweat so I can guarantee you there will be no photos of ME on this blog anytime soon.  

But here are some photos a client sent me today.  You may think photos of a pantry are a "random" topic, but we did a Walk & Talk with her last month and today she sent me photos of what she accomplished since we walked through her house as she took TO DO notes.  This is a perfect example of what a staged pantry should look like:

Notice how everything faces forward?

Keep "like" with "like" items.  This side has her medications and spices.
The other side you saw had her food items.

Keep as much off the floor as possible, and what must stay should be consolidated.
Why go through so much effort you may wonder?  The buyers won't be buying the FOOD in the pantry so why should it be organized?  It should be organized so that the buyers have confidence that if you put this much effort into maintaining your PANTRY, imagine how well you have maintained the big stuff in the house...HVAC, foundation, etc. etc. etc.

Staging isn't just about making a home's about making it SELL!


  1. Thank you!! :-)) So far, it's staying exactly like that - not difficult to maintain at all once the work was done. Great advice from Michelle!