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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Small Spaces.... LOTS of Love

Hello again! In my last post I referenced the need to drop making grand resolutions - how is that going for ya?! Well, in an effort to continue the advice on small changes to your house, I want to share this with you. Recently I was asked, "How can you decorate a smaller living space and make it feel bigger?" What a great question! We don't all have "McMansions", unlimited budgets, or the ability to make large changes to our homes. Some of you may live in an apartment or a town home. Heck, people over in Hong Kong live in apartments that are less than 500 square feet!!!! One architect, Gary Chang, designed his 330sq. ft. (yes, that is correct!) apartment to convert into 24 different living spaces!!! Check it out:

Ok, so we all aren't genius architects but there are simple ways to make a room feel bigger. For example:

Built in bench seating can give any small kitchen more seating area. Throw in a cool fabric with accent pillows and you instantly create a fun place to hang out and chow down. Besides, we all know the kitchen is the "it" spot at any party. Speaking of kitchens.....

Have a tiny pantry? Look what this one designer chose to do. Using fun, quirky baskets to keep similar items together can help de-clutter and open up any room. Also, the more light in a room will make it feel more open. See:

HOLY LIGHTS BATMAN! Look at the accent lighting in this room. Doesn't it LOOK like a big room?! Well it isn't - the photographer of this picture is up against the back wall and the side walls are just off camera. This room utilizes several tips on making a room feel bigger. Notice that back wall design and the pattern on the floor? Continuing a pattern from the floor all the way up to the ceiling draws the eye upward making the room feel taller. Taller room = feeling of more space. Also, the minimal furniture not only makes the space feel modern and contemporary but it also leaves the floor fairly open. PAR-TAY!!!!

Another good idea for any room is floating shelves. Placed in the right spot and with the right configuration can help with storage as well as giving you an extra way to display decorative items.

I could go on and on with the floating shelves but I will keep you from floating shelf overload. This last picture  utilizes a couple of space creating ideas:

 YAY - more floating shelves! But, look at the mirrors on either side of the bed. Adding mirrors makes the room feel more open due to it reflecting light. Also notice how tall they are. ANY piece tall furniture will help elongate the wall and bring the eye up. Placing mirrors on opposite walls will also help reflect the light and open up a space. Did you happen to catch those FABULOUS chandeliers?! Yes- they are functional....and  again....the more light the better!

I could go on and on about creating more space but I will leave you with this one last thought: We are all here for only a short while and we can't take stuff, or things, or knick knacks with us. What we can take with us is memories. Use your small space effectively, and with those you love, to create everlasting memories. Besides, wonderful things come in small packages right?!

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